Narrow Boat Grading Sheme

We are committed to providing you with a high quality narrow boating holiday and guest care experience.

Our Self Assessment Quality Grading Scheme for hire boats classifies each boat into one of five quality ratings where Five Stars is the highest award and One Star the lowest.

The criteria used is very similar to other well known star grading schemes so that you can be assured of a consistent quality standard. We endeavour to ensure Boat Handover that the pricing and booking conditions are clear and straightforward in order to provide you with good information to help you make the best choice of holiday.

1 Star Rating Interior: Interior: High standard of cleanliness throughout the boat. Adequate provision and quality of furniture, furnishings and fittings. Galley equipped to meet all essential requirements. Central heating system and lighting throughout. TV available. Shower, toilet and washbasin. Exterior: All fixtures, fittings and finishes maintained in a clean and sound condition.
1 Star
Summary : Acceptable overall level off quality.
Interior: Radio/Cassette player fitted. Colour TV either available or provided on request
2 Star
Summary : Quite good to good overall level of quality.
3 Star Rating Interior: Good standard of maintenance and decoration along with a good quality and range of furniture, furnishings and fittings. Generally more space available than 2 star, Colour TV and Radio plus Cassette or CD player fitted. Lighting for each berth.
3 Star
Summary : Good to very good overall quality.
High level of comfort and quality throughout with all beds permanently made up at the lower recommended occupancy level.
4 Star
Summary : Very good to excellent overall level of quality.
Highest levels of decor, fixtures and fittings. Highest range of accessories and personal touches provided. Saloon/Living area not used as sleeping cabin at the lower recommended occupancy level. 240 Volts AC electrical power supply available as described in the individual boat details.
5 Star
Summary : Excellent to exeptional overall level of quality.


Please note that if a narrow boat does not have a star rating, it may mean it is a new boat and has not been rated yet, or the boat is awaiting a rating


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