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We have a choice of boats sleeping 2 to 12 people. Our locations are situated throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Narrow Boats For Hire

4 Berth Narrow Boats

Ambonia King from Aldermaston
American Kestrel from Gailey
Black Necked Grebe from Alvechurch
Bragi from Gailey
Brown Weaver from Alvechurch
Bryn from Rugby
Cactus Wren from Falkirk
Canyon Wren from Worcester
Cape Weaver from Wrenbury
Carolina Wren from March
Chapmans Rusty from Hilperton
Clark's Grebe from Blackwater
Cobbs Wren from Wrenbury
Common Kestrel from Gailey
Cuban Amazon from Blackwater
Debbies Delight from Market Harborough
Everetts Blue 2 from Gayton
Flutist Wren from Rugby
Great Crested Grebe from Whitchurch
Grith from Whitchurch
Heart Of England 2 from Blackwater
Hooded Grebe from Rugby
Horned Grebe from Gailey
House Wren from Gailey
Lesser Kestrel from Gailey
Little Grebe from Market Harborough
Mad as a Hatter from Gayton
Marbled Wren from Anderton
Marsh Wren from Hilperton
Mottled Weaver from Hilperton
Naretha Blue from Worcester
Oscar 2 from Gailey
Pacific Wren from Anderton
Pied Billed Grebe from Gayton
Red Necked Grebe from Hilperton
Rock Wren from Whitchurch
Sedge Wren from Hilperton
Senegal Parrot from Alvechurch
Sigrid from Worcester
Slavonian Grebe from Gayton
Tuckers Octopus from Market Harborough
Village Weaver from Aldermaston
Western Grebe from Wrenbury
Winter Wren from Wrenbury

5 Berth Narrow Boats

Black Headed Bunting from Whitchurch
Capped Heron from Gayton
Corn Bunting from Hilperton
Golden Plover from Alvechurch
Great Blue Heron from Anderton
Humblot's Heron from Wrenbury
Lapland Bunting from Wrenbury
Little Bunting from Aldermaston
Night Heron from Whitchurch
Piping Plover from Anderton
Purple Heron from Wrenbury
Red Backed Finch from Goytre
Red Billed Finch from Goytre
Red Headed Finch from Goytre
Red Naped Finch from Goytre
Red Tailed Finch from Goytre
Redpoll from Goytre
Reed Bunting from Anderton
Rock Bunting from Alvechurch
Rustic Bunting from Aldermaston
Snow Bunting from Gayton
White Faced Heron from Hilperton

6 Berth Narrow Boats

Adelaide Rosella from Blackwater
American Thrush from Gayton
Annar from Rugby
Archers Lark from Blackwater
Ashes Lark from Worcester
Astrid from Rugby
Atholl Brose from Falkirk
Audouin's Gull from Gayton
Bar Tailed Lark from Anderton
Black Duck from March
Black Headed Gull from Whitchurch
Black Lark from Worcester
Blue Rock Thrush from Hilperton
Burmese Blossom from Market Harborough
Buru Island from Market Harborough
Cape Parrot from Alvechurch
Collared Dove from Gailey
Common Gull from Gailey
Crested Lark from Blackwater
Crimson Rosella from Blackwater
Desert Lark from Falkirk
Devon Maid from Blackwater
Dune Lark from Wrenbury
Dusky Conure from Hilperton
Dusky Lark from Market Harborough
Dusky Thrush from Anderton
Easy Does It from Alvechurch
Elnar from Rugby
Emerald Dove from Gailey
Fieldfare from Alvechurch
Galah from Worcester
Glaucous Gull from Anderton
Gorgeous Grace from Aldermaston
Gray's Lark from Whitchurch
Great Western 2 from Blackwater
Green Sandpiper from Falkirk
Grendal from Rugby
Happy Wanderer from Aldermaston
Hermit Thrush from Wrenbury
Hermod from Gailey
Herring Gull from Alvechurch
Horned Lark from Alvechurch
Iceland Gull from Alvechurch
Imperial Amazon from Gayton
Ivory Gull from Hilperton
Jasper Too from Worcester
Jobi Red from Hilperton
Joybringer from Market Harborough
Laughing Gull from Anderton
Lindal Iron Ore from Worcester
Little Gull from Alvechurch
Lochan Ora from Falkirk
Long Tailed Duck from Whitchurch
Malvolio from Gayton
Mandarin Duck from Worcester
Meadow Lark from Aldermaston
Mediterranean Gull from Hilperton
Much Ado from Alvechurch
Niord from Gailey
Olive Thrush from Hilperton
Ophelia from Alvechurch
Pacific Gull from Gailey
Plumpton Junction 2 from Blackwater
Purple Sandpiper from Gayton
Ragnar from Whitchurch
Redwing from Wrenbury
Rock Dove from Worcester
Rock Thrush 1 from Gayton
Rodulf from Gailey
Ross's Gull from Aldermaston
Sabine's Gull from Hilperton
Scotts Fun Fair from Blackwater
Scotts Wonder Wultz from Market Harborough
Shore Lark from Aldermaston
Siberian Thrush from Whitchurch
Silver Gull from Rugby
Sky Lark from Falkirk
Slender Billed Gull from Wrenbury
Stock Dove from Gailey
Sun Conure from Anderton
Sun Lark from Hilperton
Swainson's Thrush from Hilperton
Tawny Lark from Hilperton
Titania II from Gayton
Torbern from Whitchurch
Troutbeck Valley from Gayton
Tufted Duck from Anderton
Turtle Dove from Aldermaston
Veery Thrush from Aldermaston
White's Thrush from Alvechurch
Wisp Of The Water from Worcester
Wood Lark from Rugby
Yellow Legged Gull from Wrenbury

7 Berth Narrow Boats

Bonelli's Eagle from Gayton
Booted Eagle from Anderton
Crowned Eagle from Aldermaston
Golden Eagle from Worcester
Greater Spotted Eagle from Wrenbury
Imperial Eagle from Alvechurch
Lesser Spotted Eagle from Hilperton
Osprey from Wrenbury
Sea Eagle from Hilperton
Short Toed Eagle from Alvechurch
Spotted Eagle from Market Harborough
Tawny Eagle from Blackwater
White Tailed Eagle from Worcester

8 Berth Narrow Boats

Aquatic Warbler from Worcester
Arctic Warbler from Aldermaston
Baldrik from Whitchurch
Bar Headed Goose from Wrenbury
Barred Warbler from Alvechurch
Baya from Gailey
Black Woodpecker from Wrenbury
Blue Goose from Hilperton
Cape Warbler from Rugby
Cedrik from Whitchurch
Cymbeline from Alvechurch
Dartford Warbler from Blackwater
Dusky Warbler from Alvechurch
Egyptian Goose from Hilperton
Emperor Goose from Alvechurch
Garden Warbler from Gayton
Gosling 2 from Market Harborough
Grasshopper Warbler from Gayton
Green Woodpecker from Aldermaston
Hooded Warbler from Whitchurch
Horik from Worcester
Lucy's Warbler from Whitchurch
Marsh Warbler from Wrenbury
Portia from Gayton
Red Breasted Goose from Alvechurch
Red Chested Swallow from Goytre
Red Collared Swallow from Goytre
Red Rumped Swallow from Goytre
Red Sea Swallow from Goytre
Red Throated Swallow from Goytre
River Warbler from Anderton
Sanderling from Falkirk
Scotch Mist from Falkirk
Syrian Woodpecker from Aldermaston
Tyr from Blackwater
Upland Goose from Gailey
White Fronted Goose from Hilperton
Willow Warbler from Worcester
Yellow Warbler from Hilperton

10 Berth Narrow Boats

Barn Owl from Wrenbury
Eagle Owl from Alvechurch
Great Owl from Alvechurch
Hawk Owl from Aldermaston
Little Owl from Anderton
Long Eared Owl from Gayton
Marsh Owl from Hilperton
Scops Owl from Blackwater
Short Eared Owl from Market Harborough
Snowy Owl from Hilperton
Yellow Wagtail 2 from Rugby

12 Berth Narrow Boats

Black Necked Swan from Anderton
Coscoroba Swan from Alvechurch
Mute Swan from Hilperton
Trumpeter Swan from Aldermaston
Tundra Swan from Gayton

The Narrow Boat Hire Locations

We have an extensive choice of narrow boat hire locations for you to start your holiday.

The canals and rivers serviced the industrial centres that form the heritage of Great Britain.

In towns you therefore find they pass by the finest architecture and a wealth of historical treasures, often through the centre of towns and cities.

As they meander their peaceful way to the next town the landscape dictates the route they take - sometimes following contours and in other areas locks, bridges, aqueducts and tunnels form the route of the canal.

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We operate on the following canals;

  • Kennet and Avon Canal
  • Worcester and Birmingham Canal
  • Trent and Mersey Canal
  • Llangollen Canal
  • Forth and Clyde Canal
  • Shropshire Union Canal
  • Grand Union Canal
  • Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal
  • Kennet and Avon Canal
  • River Ouse Canal
  • Grand Union Canal
  • Leeds and Liverpool Canal
  • North Oxford Canal
  • Llangollen Canal
  • Worcester and Birmingham Canal
  • Llangollen Canal