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Take a look at our frequently asked questions. If there is a question we haven't covered, contact us and we will be happy to help.

Easy to Use !

Full Training Given

Boat Training Given

No previous experience is necessary, as our boats are extremely easy to handle and full tuition is given at the start of every holiday. Comprehensive cruising information is in a manual on the boat and details are sent out with the holiday documents to introduce you to the theory of locks and the 'rules of the road'. We provide our own 24hr emergency helpline.

Maps & Guides

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Buy Canal Maps & Guides

Maps and guides are useful for helping your plan and navigate your holiday. You can buy them online via this website or at the marina on arrival (subject to stock).

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Restrictions & Licenses

No driving license required!

Restrictions & Licenses

You do not need a driving licence for a narrowboat and the boat itself is licenced with the Canals & Rivers Trust. There are a few waterways outside their jurisdiction for which you will need to purchase an additional licence as you enter them, such as the Rivers Avon, Thames and Wey. The marinas can provide details when you arrive to pick up your boat. The maximum number of people on board is restricted to the number of berths, with an absolute maximum of twelve.


Cycle along the towpaths

Cycling on a Canal Holiday

If you are planning to bring bikes on your holiday please check with the marina as not all locations are able to offer this facility. Please be aware that the only place to store them is on the roof of your boat. You cannot place the bikes inside the boat at any time. Any damage to the boat caused by carrying bikes is your responsibility.


Fishing on the canals

Fishing on a Canal Holiday

Fishing is prohibited on British rivers between 15th March and 15th June. Fishing is allowed outside these dates and on canals at any time, but a licence is required. This is available from any post office with a 1-day, 8-day or annual licence to choose from. For reasons of hygiene,we regret that live bait may not be kept on the boat.


Operating locks on the canals

Canal Locks

Locks are part of the enjoyment and we will explain during your handover how to operate them. There is no mystery to using locks - just a series of step by step tasks. With the gates closed you open 'paddles' to let water in or out, raising or lowering the water level, so that you can move the boat to a new level. To open the paddles, you use a windlass (L shaped handle) to turn a series of cogs and wheels. Keep a firm grip while operating it and never leave it unattended on the paddle gear.


Pets on a Canal Holiday

Pets on a Canal Holiday

Many of the boats are pet friendly. There may be extra costs for pets. Please see the booking form for further details.


Parking at the Marinas

Parking at the Marinas

There is ample open air parking at our bases which is provided free of charge. We regret that we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to hirers' vehicles.


Mooring the Canal Boat

Mooring the boat

Most visitor moorings on canals and rivers governed by The Canals and Rivers Trust are free of charge. You are permitted to moor anywhere on the towpath side of the canal free of charge as long as you are not causing an obstruction. At privately owned sites there may be a fee for overnight mooring. The River Thames is a typical example, as well as parts of the Kennet and Avon canal and Bristol Dock.


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